Are you looking to hire great people for your business?

Watch these 5 Proven Steps To Hiring “The Right People” For Massive Growth (and making your life easier)

The best part is, this process works for hiring people in person and virtual employees/assistants.

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According to the US Department of Labor: “The price of a bad hire is AT LEAST 30% OF THEIR FIRST YEAR SALARY”

So as a business owner it’s extremely important that you get your hiring process streamlined and focused on getting the right people for the job

To do it well you need a System, an easy to follow process for screening out the wrong people and identifying the right people.

So let’s break it down the system in simple 5 steps…

Step 1 – You need a Killer Job Ad (You Are Selling Them)
Step 2– Screen Initial Resumes with simple filters
Step 3 – Questionnaire and Initial Questions
Step 4 – Phone “Pre-Interview”
Step 5 – In Person Interview

Let’s break these down a little further…

How To Hire Great People For Your Business

Step 1: The Job Ad

In the job ad your goal is to sell the applicants on how great your company is to work for and also outline everything about the position.

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING…

Your job ad should include (in bullet point format):
– Who you are
– What you’re looking for in a strong candidate
– What the Day to day work will include
– Who is a good fit for the job
– What Skills are needed
– Location of the job
– What the Compensation package includes
– Specific instructions on How to apply (This is the first filter)

Here is an example job post we ran: Example Job Ad

Bonus Tip: Always Include Pic, no one does it and it Humanizes your organization.


How To Hire Great People For Your Business 

Step 2: Screen Resumes

The idea is to create a process with a couple road blocks upfront so that you only meet with the most qualified candidates.

That being said, the first filter is did they include everything and follow the instructions in the ad?

We always ask for:
1) A clear formatted resume
2) 3-5 references
3) 5 reasons we should hire them

This is the first qualifier, if they didn’t include all 3 items they do not make it past this step.

We won’t even look at the resume because if they can’t follow the simple instructions in the job ad they probably aren’t a strong enough candidate.

How To Hire Great People For Your Business  

Step 3: Q&A

For the ones who responded to the ad correctly, email them 5 questions to answer and attach questionnaire

Here are samples of the email and questionnaire we send:

We send this email response: Job Applicant Email Response
and attach a personality questionnaire: Pre Job Interview Personality Questionnaire

The goal in asking them more questions via email is to weed out the ones that actually want to work for you vs people who are just “looking for a job”.

By making them work a little harder you can filter out the tire kickers.

This step will also allow you to see how they communicate and express themselves in writing, while also getting to know a little about them personally with the questionaire.

How To Hire Great People For Your Business

Step 4: Phone Interview

Set up a time to do a 5-10 minute phone interview.

In this step you just want to have a basic conversation with them. These should never take more than 10 minutes, the goal is just to feel them out… did they show up for the call, did they show up for the call on time, did they speak professionally etc.

Here is the simple phone script: Phone Job Interview Script

When you feel they could be a good fit, set them up for an in person interview

How To Hire Great People For Your Business

Step 5: Set up in person interview

This will be where you get to meet them in person and go over the role. It also gives you the opportunity to see how they present themselves in person.

In the job interview you should be going over the high points of the company and the role you’re hiring for. But don’t talk so much that you dominate the interview. The interview is about asking questions and getting to know each candidate based on their answers, it’s NOT about you talking the whole time about how great you and you’re company are (not that you would do that, just sayin).

It’s all about getting to know the person, these are the questions we ask: Job Interview Questions

In addition to the questions above, I would also ask a few more job specific questions (Questions you would ask a book keeper for example, would be different than questions you would ask a marketing manager).

Step 5b (Optional): 2nd Interview

We always set up a second interview to make sure we didn’t miss anything the first time and to give another member on the team to meet the candidate for questions. If you’re a smaller team then you will just interview them twice.

This is the complete system for hiring really great people for your business.

Hope “How To Hire Great People For Your Business (The Complete Hiring System)” helps, if you have any questions contact me.

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