We all know we need to be creating more content, but sometimes coming up with new ideas is a challenge… so I want to share one of the simple hacks we use on a regular basis to come up with ideas:

We call it “The Amazon Hack”.

Amazon png

Step 1: Pick a topic you want to create content around.

It could be anything from something basic to very advanced.

Some ideas around real estate could be…

  • Home buying tips
  • Foreclosure investing
  • Wholesaling
  • Multifamily real estate
  • Cap rates
  • Staging
  • Bankruptcy / Divorce / Probate
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Landlording
  • Creating curb appeal, etc.

No matter the topic, the good news is someone has most likely already written a book on it.

And because the authors of these books have spent a lot of time researching, testing, revising, and perfecting how to explain the topic, this hack will work for any topic or niche.

Now you can “borrow” their ideas to create your content.

So here is how the hack works…

For this example let’s use “Short Sale” as the niche we want to shoot videos around.

Step 2: Go on Amazon.com and type in your topic name:

Pick on one of the first couple book results that catch your eye (or has a great title).

In this case one of the top results was “The Ark Law Group Complete Guide To Short Sales”… perfect!

Step 3: Click the on the book in the results and it will open up the option to “Look Inside”.

content creation strategy

When you click look inside, you’ll be able to see the table of contents of the book:

Amazon Content Strategy Hack


Look over the list and pick all the best (and most relevant) topics.

Take each one of these topics and turn it into a video… then post them everywhere! (Take a look at my other post on “How to syndicate your content“.)

Now you have a strategy for coming up with an unlimited amount of new video ideas.

Let me know if you have any questions about the “Amazon Hack” here

To your success,

Oliver Graf