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How we ended up at the World Series (with no plans of going the day before)…

Last Saturday Hillary and I were having a “date night”.

We went to Blue Water grill in Carlsbad (Shout out to them, the food is fantastic!).

Since it’s a popular new place there was a 30-45 minute wait for a table so we went to go have a drink in their bar area.

The Dodger/Red Sox game was on and the Dodgers had just smashed 4 runs… the people in the bar were going crazy.

That’s when I told Hillary one of my bucket list items was to go to every major sports final game (Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series etc).

She said, “When is the next game?”

I said, “I have no idea, let’s google it”

Turns out the next game was the following day at Dodger stadium.

So I said, “I wonder if we can get tickets”

She said, “I have no idea, let’s google it”

We looked, and seat geek still had a few tickets left (at a “reasonable” price) so we called my dad to see if he could watch the boys. He was excited about it and it all kind of came together last minute.

The next day we drove up to LA to see the Red Sox win the World Series and it was an amazing experience that we’ll never forget!

We even made our way down to right behind home plate for the 9th inning and trophy presentation.

Here is the video:

Bucket list item ✅

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